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A moving and dramatic sequence underscored by live vocals and melancholic string solos
Scarlet’s Vow – excerpt from a film by Ella Simpson

Scarlet's Vow – Ella Simpson from Liam Sanderson on Vimeo.

Written as an exercise for a nature documentary scene, this passage features a string quintet, accompanied by piano and glockenspiel A stirring Celtic sequence featuring traditional Scottish and Irish instruments An emotional and moving finale featuring massed choirs and orchestra A dark supernatural waltz set in the realm of gothic fantasy Mysterious and nostalgic, this piece was written for a silent film juxtaposing the innocent, dream-like qualities of childhood with the harsher realities of adult life Showcasing both melodrama and comedy, this sequence was scored for an animation exercise featuring a dramatic high-speed chase  Theme from the Aztec level of video game Age of Soccer  Theme from the Aztec boss level of video game Age of Soccer Pomp and pageantry feature in this entrance music and national anthem sequence Opening title sequence test for a supernatural mystery Complex and dissonant motifs underscore this extract, which weaves its way through the protagonist’s vision of the world A stirring track following the failing fortunes of soldiers in their valiant defence of a medieval castle Vocal extract from …And The People Mourned

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