About Charlotte Ferin

Charlotte Ferin composes music for a wide variety of media including film, television, theatre and video games, and has a particular passion for animation, drama and documentaries. She has a talent for discovering the heart of a narrative and enhancing it musically, and for creating dynamic and engaging melodic devices to hook in the audience and connect them with the visuals. She also composes new works for choirs, orchestras and chamber ensembles in both sacred and secular genres.

She began composing whilst still at school, writing and performing a number of choral and instrumental works, but she discovered her true passion when she started writing music for film during her GCSEs. She continued to study music at undergraduate level at Royal Holloway, University of London, and has recently consolidated her training in the field by gaining a masters degree in Composition for Film and Television from the University of Bristol, where she scored a diverse variety of productions, including nature documentaries, animation and computer games.

Her music is informed by a broad range of composers and musical genres, incorporating influences in her work from medieval to contemporary, and drawing inspiration her own broad and eclectic musical taste. She also often uses distinctive and exotic instrumental combinations from across the globe, as she owns a collection of unusual instruments which include a Bolivian charango guitar, a didgeridoo and a set of Scottish bagpipes!

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